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Buhari: I may have been involved in herders-farmers clashes if I didn’t go to school


President Muhammadu Buhari says he may “have been involved” involved in the herdsmen-farmers clashes in some parts of the country if he not gone to school.

He said the opportunity of getting an education gave him the chance to go into the military and develop himself.

The president said education is the only way to make it “in this generation”, noting that its benefits are innumerable.

He made the statement in a speech he delivered at the Abubakar Tafawa Balewa Stadium, Bauchi, during his two-day state visit to the state on Thursday.

President Buhari urged his audience to “make every effort to put your children in school, plead with them to be patient and read hard. In this generation, you cannot make it except you are educated.

“Now, look at the farmers/herdsmen’s clashes in the northern part of this country. I have been telling people that if I had not gone to school, I would not have gone into the military and where I come from since my cows are finished; maybe, I would have been involved in this fight.

“But because I went to school, I got a job to do and because of that, desertification is everywhere, there is no bush we will go to and cut down trees and destroy farms and the rainy season is not promising. Because of that, education is the guarantee.

“You should strive hard and be educated, get the education that will benefit you and the society, it is not compulsory that government will give you what to do.”

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