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Buhari Has No Policy To Show He’s Ready For Power – PDP


The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has taunted President Muhammadu Buhari saying his government has no policy or programme that shows he is ready for government.

This was suggested by Olisa Metuh, the national publicity secretary of the party, in a Radio Nigeria political programme monitored in Abuja.

According to Metuh, the PDP believes that President Buhari is serious in addressing problems of insecurity and corruption, but has shown no serious policy in rescuing the country’s dwindling economy, The Nation reports.

In the fight against corruption, Metuh stated that the PDP is willing to support President Muhammadu Buhari‘s administration, adding that his party did not ask any of its public officers in the last regime to take money.

He said: “On security, we believe that this president should be serious. We give it to him that he is serious, being a general and the president and an expert in the management of crisis, we give it to him that he is serious about addressing the security challenges.

“We believe that he is sincere as well. We want to give it to him that he is sincere in handling it. We don’t want to raise the fact that when he took over, the last administration had driven back the insurgents and there were no bombing.

“We don’t want to go into the issue of security. We are presenting a more robust opposition to this government. That is why the improvement in the system we have now is because we have a responsible opposition that is not distracting the government from governance.

“On the issue of the economy, we believe that the president is sincere in trying to do something about the economy. But is he serious about it? We don’t believe so because we have not seen any seriousness on the part of the present administration.

“When you want to be serious, you should have an economic team. You should have people that advices you and a road map. There is absolutely no policy or programme that we have seen from this government that shows they are ready for governance except saying PDP is corrupt, N2 trillion is missing here and N500million is missing there.

“A lot of people know why we lost the election and we know why we lost the election too. So, we don’t want to go in there. My advice to the government and the APC is that politics has ended and it is time for governance. We have ceded the seat and this is the time for APC to show Nigerians that change mantra that they campaigned with. We are not contesting this thing, but they think they are still in opposition.”

Despite the PDP criticism, President Buhari has remain focused as there are strong indications that he has personally composed his list of ministerial appointments. However, the names of big time politicians are reportedly missing.



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