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Buhari a chameleon who cannot change its skin – Dokpesi


Chairman emeritus of DAAR Communications Plc, and chieftain of the Advance Peoples’ Democratic Alliance (APDA, High Chief Raymond Dokpesi, has described President Muhammadu Buhari as a chameleon that cannot change its skin.

According to him, Buhari’s current style of governance was not different from what he displaye between 1983 and 1985 when he was military Head of State.

Dokpesi, who maintained that Buhari appears to lack knowledge of basic economics, said that the President has left the country worse than it was before he took power in 2015.

The media mogul told Daily SUN: “Everything that APC has done, some of us came out very clearly, to say we were in this country from 1983 December to 1985 when General Babangida overthrew Buhari and we saw decisions that were taken, we saw the governance and based on that, believing very fairly that a chameleon cannot change its skin, say there would be nothing different, we are going to get exactly what we got then, it is going to be the same style, it is going to be the same shortcomings, because this man appears not to understand economics at all.

“Nigeria has not been so divided like it is today, Niger Delta people are giving October 1st date as deadline, the youths from the north also are calling for whatever, it has never happened in the history of Nigeria, have we been in this type of confusion and mess and instability before?

“Never has the ordinary man been so hungry and frustrated. Both the rich, the middle class and the poor cannot afford to pay their children school fees, I have not seen the whole world progressing.

“The PDP government that we had in 16years as human institution must have made mistakes; that is why they were given an opportunity to come in.

“So it is not a time for excuses and so on. It is a time of taking cognizance of all the mistakes we said the PDP made and they will have started correcting them and I would have been the first person to acknowledge the fact that, ‘this is good,’ but there is no step, I have not seen any achievement in any area that is acceptable and good, the number of millions of youths that come out and are unemployed, are growing by the day, jobs are not created.”

Courtesy: DAILY POST



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