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Breonna Taylor’s ex-boyfriend offered plea deal if he would claim Taylor was part of ‘organized crime syndicate’


By Stephanie Guerilus, Yahoo News

Jamarcus Glover turned down the plea deal that would have implicated Breonna Taylor in his alleged crimes

Breonna Taylor’s ex-boyfriend was offered a plea deal if he would claim that she was part of an “organized crime syndicate.”

Jamarcus Glover, Taylor’s ex-boyfriend and the focus of the no-knock raid which took her life, pled not guilty to drug charges Friday. Court records indicated that prosecutors were willing to give him a plea deal if he were to implicate Taylor in his alleged crimes, WDRB reported Monday.

(Credit: Louisville Metro Department of Corrections)
(Credit: Louisville Metro Department of Corrections)

Glover was given the offer by the Jefferson Commonwealth’s Attorney’s office on July 13 to avoid a 10-year prison sentence and be sentenced to possible probation.

In return for leniency, he was required to admit he and “co-codefendants,” were involved in a drug trafficking operation in Louisville, Kentucky through April 22.

According to court records, the crime syndicate sold drugs from an abandoned warehouse and vacant houses in Louisville. Taylor, 26, lived just 10 miles away.

Glover, 30, turned down the plea deal. An attorney representing Taylor’s family in a wrongful death lawsuit blasted officials for “the lengths to which those within the police department and Commonwealth’s Attorney went to after Breonna Taylor’s killing to try and paint a picture of her which was vastly different than the woman she truly was,” Sam Aguiar said.

Breonna Taylor honored by Oprah Magazine (Social media)
Breonna Taylor honored by Oprah Magazine (Social media)

“The fact that they would try to even represent that she was a co-defendant in a criminal case more than a month after she died is absolutely disgusting.”

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Glover told the Louisville Courier-Journal last week that police were attempting to shift the narrative around her death. She died on March 13 after a botched raid in her home in which officers shot her eight times.

Glover believes that law enforcement is now blaming him for their actions. Sgt. Jonathan Mattingly, Detective Myles Cosgrove, and former Detective Brett Hankison were the officers involved in the shooting. Hankison has since been fired from the Louisville police department, theGrio reported in June.

“The police are trying to make it out to be my fault and turning the whole community out here making it look like I brought this to Breonna’s door,” Glover said.

“There was nothing never there or anything ever there, and at the end of the day, they went about it the wrong way and lied on that search warrant and shot that girl out there.”

As previously reported by theGrio, Glover denied any wrongdoing when he used her address to receive packages.

“Nothing ever been illegal there,” he told the Courier-Journal. “Getting shoes and clothes coming through the mail is not illegal. Nothing illegal at all.”

Glover said to his child’s mother on recorded jailhouse calls that while Taylor had been ‘holding money for him’ the money was for phone bills and that he believed that she became implicated in his alleged crimes because she’d bailed him out of jail.

“I don’t understand how they going to serve a warrant for Bre house, bruh,” Glover says to a man on another call from jail. “How is it they serve warrant for Bre house and nothing tied me to Bre house at all besides these bonds?”

He added that police had no reason to search her home.

“At the end of the day, I know she didn’t … I know she didn’t to deserve none of this sh**, though,” he said.

Police also believed, incorrectly, that Taylor was alone at home and unarmed while conducting surveillance on her home the night of the raid, according to case reports, WDRB reported.

Commonwealth’s Attorney Tom Wine did not respond to requests for comment from WDRB but some believe that Glover was offered the plea deal in order for police to evade accountability in her death.

“Because she is destroying them. And they want Jamarcus Glover to do it for them because their efforts have failed. So they offer him a bribe, basically. All you have to do is smear her,” Louisville defense attorney Ted Shouse said.

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