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“Breakfast can be delayed, but not denied” – Man gets dumped one month after tattooing girlfriend’s name on his arm


A man has been left heart broken after he got dumped just a month after the relationship took off.

Recounting his story, the man revealed that he had met his ex on 18th April in Canada and just few days after that, she was already on a flight to come see him.

Excited and spurred by his new found love, the man tattooed the name of his girlfriend ‘Alisa’ on his arm, revealing that he’d be moving to Canada by June to be with his girlfriend.

By June, the relationship had sunk and the man has humorously said that he intends to leave the image of the tattoo he had gotten on his Twitter wall so it serves as an advice to men on what not to do.

The young man’s story has left lots of Nigerians in stitches as they react humorously



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