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Borno state Gov Zulum suggests South-south, South-east should negotiate for 2023 presidency.

Borno state Gov Zulum
Borno state Gov Zulum

The general elections across the various states of the federation is gradually drawing closer and most political juggernauts have subtly began to work on their plans with regards to their intended political position of interest.

Worthy of note in all of these political jingoism and scheming, in preparations for the elections, is the position of the presidency. Majority of the politicians in the country have been quite critical of the present administration under the leadership of President Muhammadu Buhari, on the slow pace of growth and development in majorly every sector of the economy as well as other numerous policies made and challenges that bedevilled the federation in the past few years such as, issues bothering on insecurities, the various ASUU strikes, economic recessions and inflations and the recent endSARS protest that attracted global recognition.

In the light of the above discussions on the forthcoming elections and with particular emphasis on the position of the presidency, the governor of Borno state His excellency Babagana Zulum, has disclosed that the south-south and south-east should negotiate for power ahead of 2023.

According to news sources he made this comment while speaking at the 17th Chief Gani Fawehinmi annual lecture in Lagos on Friday. The state governor reiterated the fact that while it is true that only God gives power, it is also good to negotiate your way because it is easier when you make friends “across the divide”.

The governor therefore beckoned on any and all qualified political candidates who are interested in welding power to be willing and be prepared to negotiate for it.

“To our friends and brothers in the south-south and south-east particularly, only God gives power but you have to negotiate for power,” the professor said.

“Negotiation becomes easier when you make friends across the divide. If we negotiate for power, we don’t always get everything we want, but we will normally mention every clause that covers everything we need.

“I said this because I have heard many people say ‘they don’t want to give us power’ but assumptions and projections will never actualise your aspirations. We must all remember that God gives power but human beings negotiate for it.

“Every interested party must be prepared to negotiate for it.”

Furthermore, his excellency Zulum, talked about the need and importance of other sections of the country to be given the opportunity to lead and be at the helm of affairs to ensure a form of fairness and equity. In his words;

“I’m persuaded that other sections of the country should be given the opportunity to lead in 2023, why not? It is constitutional,” he said.

“Let me state here that I have a problem with the age limit set at 40 [for presidency], because whatever is the logic behind it, it is difficult to consider it valid in contemporary times.”

No matter what the case may be, and how the various politicking will pan out, many political analyst and experts as well as majority of Nigerian citizens are seriously eager and waiting in anticipation to see which way the clock of the presidential pendulum is going to swing, in terms of political parties and geopolitical regions as earlier suggested by the Borno state governor for 2023.


Gift Joseph Okpakorese

Staff Writer

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