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Boko Haram Survivors Narrate Ordeal


The Boko Haram survivors who escaped from the terrorists’ main base, also known as Markaz placed in Sambisa forest, have narrated their ordeal.

Boko Haram

Nigerian troops have rescued 338 people from Boko Haram Islamists.

They said that the insurgents have been deteriorated and are in anguish with only one safe route left for them to run from the army onslaught in the forest.

One of the captives that survived in the camp of the militants said: “I have been with them (insurgents) for a very long time. How I survived under them all this while only calls for thanksgiving. We knew when they were going out for operation and returned with stories of destructions they did. Though General Buratai has never gone beyond Konduga this way, the news of his frequency to Borno has left the insurgents worried.

“The most terrifying news to the Boko Haram insurgents was when they learnt that President Buhari gave soldiers December deadline to end the war. The insurgents knew that the soldiers will do everything possible to flush them

“There was a time the soldiers increased operations in Sambisa and the insurgents ran from Markaz through Pirgi to Banki axis hoping to enter Cameroon but the Cameroonian soldiers had sealed up their border.

“All the insurgents that ran towards Banki had given up that they will be crushed by the Nigerian soldiers because they thought the Pirgi route would have been blocked. But they ran back to Markaz through Pirgi. If the soldiers can block that Pirgi route then attack Sambisa and the bushes around Banki, I am not sure there will be no insurgent left.

“Since Buhari became president, whenever there is news of planned attack on Sambisa, the Boko Haram insurgents around Markaz will always run towards Banki through Pirgi and stay away for some time. The insurgents knew that there are soldiers around Damaturu road or when running towards Konduga. Of recent, they have been kind with the captives in the forest may be because they are planning to use us as shield,” he said.

Some other survivors that escaped from the forest added that the Boko Haram sect is very much aware of the December deadline given to the army by Buhari to crush the insurgency and are ready for what they always called the last fight.

President Buhari gave three-month deadline to newly appointed service chiefs.

Malam Goni Musa (not real name), one of the captives, said: “Some of these women and children you see are their wives and children. They asked them to leave the forest as a way of saving their lives because they have been told that soldiers are planning a big fight. Most of their fighters are now around Markaz. They are actually set for the fight. They know they cannot withstand the military. Their hope is the route through Pirgi that they can use to escape.

“I am an Islamic scholar. They have been consulting me for spiritual assistance. They did not know that I was planning to escape, they would have held me back or even killed me. Some of these escapees were actually told by the insurgents to leave. But some of us left without their consent. They are using motorcycles to patrol the bush and kill anybody they see trying to escape without approval.

“I do not know how they are getting their information, but they seem to be up to date with information about military operations in the area. They share some of the information with me. They told me that there is a military plane that goes about taking pictures with only one soldier inside (drone). They said the plane operating in Nigeria cannot shoot but that the one in Cameroon can snap pictures and shoot.

“They also told me that some Nigerian soldiers have been taken to Banki and stationed there. That at first, soldiers are going from Bama and Banki junction to Banki which makes the place very unsafe for them. But for some time now, there is no vehicular movement along Banki junction to Banki which makes the place safe for them. They said they have observed that helicopters shuttle between Bama and Banki now, may be to even supply food to troops.


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