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Benue Killings: Nigerians blast Buhari, police, over death of Rev Fathers, others


Nigerians have called out President Muhammadu Buhari and the Nigeria Police over the continuous killings in Benue state.

DAILY POST reports that Rev Fathers Gor Joseph and Felix were on Tuesday killed after suspected herdsmen attacked Ayar Mbalom village in Gwer East local Government Area of Benue State.

Again, no fewer than 20 persons were on Wednesday reportedly killed and several persons declared missing after herdsmen attacked Tse Agudu in Mbawa Council Ward, Guma LGA Area of Benue State.

Buhari in response had on Tuesday described the killings of the Catholic priests as a plot to stoke up religious conflict and plunge communities in the country into endless bloodletting.

However, some Nigerians in reaction to the killings took to social media expressing their grief over the incapability of Buhari’s government to act swiftly rather than issue condolence statements.

Here are some comments gathered by DAILY POST on Twitter:

@Jackdre02 “People, human beings are dying like rats in Benue and parts of the north, but we are quiet, we used to have one united voice of outrage pre-2015, a lot of people’s empathy died after the elections and only a few of us are now left expressing outrage on these killings.”

@Dipoawojide “Over 1, 000 Nigerians have been killed in the Middle Belt in the last one year and Buhari went to London to say he has done excellently security-wise. What has he done? Every single life matters. This is failure of governance.”

@Bayulivelife “APC was never a genuine empathy, it was all propaganda. They never loved us, it was all for the money.” “Hardly does a day pass without a horror tale of these Fulani herdsmen killings.They keep on telling us it’s herders/farmers crisis. So church too has now turn to Farms right.”

@Ademyiwa “All those Policemen wasting time and efforts stopping the #BringBackOurGirls sit-outs should be in Benue and other places where people no longer sleep with their two eyes closed. Ceteris paribus.”

@Simebricks “With all due respect Mr. President,dz assurances of urs has become a cliche. Until one of ur own is a victim, all u pledge is lip service.

@Benuetivboy “Benue is a killing field. @MBuhari you promised to keep us safe. Did you lie or is the situation more than you can handle? You are failing the people everyday.”

@Ogbenidipo “Please pay attention to the killings in Benue. This is more important than anything happening to Dino right now.”The senseless killings haven’t stopped. The Federal Government has failed.”

@Hoolarlah “I struggle to understand exactly what buhari and his government want to achieve by allowing this crisis escalate further.I just can’t reconcile how we allowed such a man become president in the first place.”

@NNamdi0gbogbo “Benue killings has turned political. The security apparatuses has to look beyond their present scope.”

@donfelix2 “Police and other security agencies can use all the resources to go after @OfficialAPCN enemies but cannot pull those same resources to stop the maiming and senseless killings in Zamfara, Benue, Taraba.”

@Oladayoferguson “We don’t need words, actions speaks better. What a president !! Worthy of note is that he was a general. A retired general who is fathomless and devoid of solutions to ethnic and senseless killings. You have failed Mr President. You have !!

@Rebroadcast02 “This is ethnic cleansing in other to Islamise this nation, firstly is to gain territory and boundaries which is what they’re doing now, don’t misunderstand it Buhari know what he’s doing, it’s a shame a President that meant ro protect people is fighting jihad against his people.”

@Kelvinodanz ” Million defenseless Nigerians will die in Benue, Zamfara, Kaduna, Taraba and it won’t even move Buhari.” Buhari is preoccupied with defeating PDP, Dino Melaye and other Saraki Allies. Those are the real enemies of Nigeria, not herdsmen and Militia groups.”

Courtesy: DAILY POST



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