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Baba Fryo Reacts To Actor Clem Ohameze Being Given N8m For Surgery By A Pastor

Baba Fryo
Baba Fryo


Following his earlier comment about singer Davido not helping him but helping orphans instead, veteran singer, Baba Fryo has again made clarifications after actor Clem Ohameze received N8m from Pastor Jeremiah Omoto Fufeyin for a surgery.

The singer declared that he hates people flaunting wealth on social media while their brothers and colleagues are dying.

Claiming that people think about now and forget what the future holds, he added that he owes no one an apology as he only expressed himself. Insisting that he is not a hypocrite or a sycophant, Baba Fryo also claimed that many entertainers are going down today and can’t speak up because of what they might get off it.

He wrote;

This is part of what I was trying to say nobody is above challenges even billionaire faces challenges the hatred and fake love in the entertainment industry is unspeakable this is what I was emphasizing on, all entertainers should come together as one, the djs, mcs, comedians, actors, musicians, footballers, wrestlers, boxers, print media, electronic media and so on and so forth nobody is above challenges cause life no balance, I was born and brought up in the ghetto I had seen so many people suffering, they are some people who can not afford a meal on daily bases is not that they re not hard working is just that they re facing serious challenges, I prefer those who give without making others know but better still if you feel like making others know for people to learn how to do a great charity work make it visible like the pastor who just gave a nollywood actor 8 million, what I hate most is flaunting wealth on social media and there brothers and colleagues are dieing.

The youths are going gaga because they want to make money either by the hook or by the crook like their role model who flaunt their wealth on social media, our mothers and sister are the victims of such people who kill and use them for rituals because they want to be rich, people think about now but they have forgotten what the future may hold, I hold nobody apology cause I only express my feelings, I know some entertainers who are going down today but couldn’t speak out cause of shame of what they might get back from the society.

I never felt good as I’m now when I expressed my feelings, I’m not a hypocrite or a sycophant, I can’t come out and start talking about people that I have affected their life positively, I thank those who insulted me for expressing my feelings and I also thank those who understood my words may the lord be with you all and I also pray that the lord should uplift me to do more charity work as I did in the past so that people ll understand where I’m coming from and where am going.CHECK THIS ALSO:

I believe transparency ll Start now on donations since everyone is aware of audio donation. Thank you all it is well. LIE DEY FINISH ONLY TRUTH NO DEY FINISH

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