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Fans amused as AY and Mercy Johnson act as ‘husband and wife’, quarrel fiercely in humour-jerking video

Mercy Johnson
Mercy Johnson

Ace Nollywood actress, Mercy Johnson-Okojie and comedian, AY Makun undoubtedly left fans entertained and amused courtesy of a recent skit they did together.

In the video, AY Makun and Mercy Johnson acted as a couple who obviously weren’t getting along with each other.

They hurled insults at each other with Mercy Johnson challenging AY to a fight.

It didn’t take long for armed robbers to invade the house and threatened to kill Mercy Johnson if AY Makun makes a move.

AY who wasn’t showing sympathy at all began dancing while urging the men (one of them was Nosa Rex) to shoot his wife.

They later handed a gun to Mercy Johnson to shoot her husband and she immediately pulled the trigger without hesitation but there was no bullet.

The armed robbers who were shocked at the couple’s actions ended up playing the role of a marriage counsellor as they were wowed by their antagonistic attitude towards each other.

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In reaction to the video, netizens laughed hard in the comment section.

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