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‘He abandoned party after 2019 loss’ — PDP group asks Atiku not to contest presidency in 2023

He abandoned party after 2019 loss' -- PDP group asks Atiku not to contest  presidency in 2023
PDP group asks Atiku not to contest presidency in 2023

A group known as the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Action 2023 says former Vice-President Atiku Abubakar should not run for the presidency in 2023.

Although there have been questions on if Abubakar, PDP’s presidential candidate in 2019, will contest in the next general election, the former vice-president has not declared interest in running for the presidency in 2023.

In a statement on Wednesday, Rufus Omeire, the group’s chairman, said after losing the poll in 2019, Atiku relocated to Dubai.

Omeire, who accused the former vice-president of abandoning the party, said Atiku is usually “detached” from the PDP when the party is in crisis.

“It is very shameful that since he lost the presidential election, he moved to Dubai, abandoning all members of PDP, all the stakeholders, and millions of ordinary Nigerians who voted for him and PDP in 2019,” he said.

“It is a betrayal of trust for Abubakar to neglect the feelings and sacrifices of ordinary voters who supported him and PDP in 2019. Now, 2023 elections are once again at hand, he has returned and started politicking once again. Apparently, the only thing he is very good at is politics.

“Also, he is widely considered detached from the PDP any time the party is in turbulence, but only gets active in party affairs when it’s about time for presidential nominations.

“Several groups and individuals in the PDP have accused him of abandoning them shortly after he lost the 2019 presidential election.

“As the PDP was embroiled in crisis two weeks ago, one would have thought that as the last flag bearer of the party, that he would stay engaged to find a solution.

“He rather travelled to Morocco to see his new wife. Of course, he is entitled to his family life and privileges. We think that time has come for Abubakar to step aside and allow others, preferably the younger generation, to step forward.

“He can be asked to take the position of the chairman, PDP Board of Trustees, where he will play an advisory role to younger politicians, as an elder statesman.”

Source: The CableNG

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