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ASA Stirs Reactions for Singing ‘Fire on the Mountain’ at NNPC Event in Buhari’s Presence


Reactions As Asa Sings 'Fire On The Mountain' In The Presence Of Buhari At  NNPC Relaunch - Info Dig NigeriaBy Uche Amunike

The performance  of popular Nigerian singer, ASA at the event of the transitioning of the Nigerian National Petroleum Company, NNPC Ltd to NNPC Limited, has stirred different reactions online.

ASA performed her hit song, ‘Fire on the Mountain’ in the presence of President Mohammadu Buhari, as well as some top government functionaries which included the Senate President, Ahmad Lawan; Minister of State for Petroleum Resources, Timpre Sylva as well as the Group Managing Director of NNPC, Mele Kyari.

The lyrics of that song by ASA passes a strong  message that there is bloodshed and trouble in the country and no one seems to care.

Nigerians took to social media to express their joy at ASA’s bravery in sending such a powerful message to the President and the powers that be, without showing any iota of fear.

Below, are some of the tweets made by Nigerians after her performance:

@Drpenking tweeted: ‘Asa was invited to sing at the NNPC re-launch with Buhari in attendance. Guess the song she chose to sing? “There is fire on the mountain.” No one can convince me that this was not on purpose . I saw what you did there, our lovely sister. God bless you for passing the message.’

@TosinMatilda ‘ASA sings “Fire On The Mountain” at the relaunch of the NNPC in the presence of President Buhari.Violence served peacefully I hope all these politicians at the event understood the message!’

As for @MistrerJonahh, his tweet: ‘Asa performed ‘Fire on the Mountain’ at the relaunch of NNPC in presence of President Buhari. To me, this isn’t a performance but a protest. Bravery!’

@DejiFaremi ‘Asa sang Fire On The Mountain at an NNPC event, in the presence of Buhari and many other Nigerian leaders.Message passed!

As for @AdebayoAdekunle, hear him: ‘The music is Still fresh, the content is clear. Truly, the
message passed but to who? Do they really believe there is any fire on the mountain?’

And some other tweets stated: @DanielRegha ‘ASA should have turned down the offer to perform at the NNPC in the presence of the APC elites, whether or not she’s using her song to send a msg is besides the point; What she did defeats the purpose of EndSARS. You don’t call out bad leaders then dine with ’em when it’s convenient.’

@Nwa_Anambra ‘Thank you Asa for the protest song at NNPC limited lunch.It’s not as if they don’t get the message behind the song, they do but they don’t care.’

@NurudeenObalola ‘This is so beautifully poignant. Perfect song to remind those who have mismanaged this country that they’re burning everything down. Only problem is Buhari and his cronies don’t care if the mountain and the surrounding valleys burn to ashes.’

@LinoIsawhe ‘Asa’s rendition of “Fire on the mountain” at the NNPC Ltd unveiling is a direct message to Nigeria leaders including Nigeria President who is on ground. I do hope they hear the message and not just enjoy the tune. God bless.’

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