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Aproko doctor gives details and reasons why ‘fresh blood’ was spotted in Mohbad’s grave



Dr. Chinonso Egemba, also known as Aproko doctor, explains why fresh blood was found at the gravesite of late Afrobeats singer, Mohbad, after he was exhumed.

It should be noted that officials exhumed the singer’s body in order to begin an autopsy to determine the true cause of his death.

Eyewitnesses at the tomb reported seeing fresh blood, which sparked outrage online.

Doctor Chinonso Egemba has provided an explanation for the possibility using his medical expertise.

He wrote;

“Your blood has a red colour because of a compound called haemoglobin. That’s what carries oxygen through your body

When blood is exposed to air, the cells that carry this haemoglobin die, and the haemoglobin becomes exposed to air abs starts to change colour to a darker one.

This dark colour is because the haemoglobin is being changed to another compound called methemoglobin.

Normally, when people die, they die with all the blood in their system, but it doesn’t move because circulation has stopped, but it’s still there. Let’s not forget.

Now, during embalming, this blood is usually replaced with another fluid. The question is, “Was he embalmed?”

Even at that, you can’t get all the blood out! Some will still be left.

We all want to know why it’s still red, right? There is one possible reason, in a closed compartment, there is very little air underground, so it’s possible that the haemoglobin is not exposed enough to change colour to the darker one.

As to why it’s that much, we don’t have access to the body so we don’t know what other injuries we’re inflicted on his body, we remember his neck was in an unnatural position to fit in the coffin, it is possible that must have broken his vessels to cause some blood still in the system to leak out.

All we can do is speculate. We will not be more knowledgeable than people with the body physically and examining it.”

See his post below

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