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Angela Okorie Finally Opens Up on Why She’s not in good terms with Zubby Michael



Actress Angela Okorie has finally spoken out about her feud with Zubby Michael, a once close friend turned enemy.

According to Angela Okorie, Zubby caused her so much sorrow, sadness and pain that she openly criticized him.

Angela Okorie has been unrelenting in her attacks on Zubby Michael in recent days, accusing him of everything from money rituals to the delayed tribute to their late colleague Junior Pope, as well as criticizing his funeral dress.

In a live video chat, Angela Okorie was questioned about the precise behaviors of Zubby Michael that triggered her violent outrage.

She was obliged to tell the truth about what he done, which prompted her to publicly unleash an outpouring of anger and curse him out.

In response, Angela Okorie claimed that Zubby Michael had repeatedly mistreated her. She mentioned instances in which Zubby allegedly tormented her in the comments section of her social media posts.

According to the actress, the most upsetting episode was when Zubby allegedly humiliated her in front of their colleagues at his birthday party.

Angela described the incident in vivid detail, recalling how he blatantly criticized her, making her embarrassed.

According to her,  Zubby did apologize, but she told him it was too little, too late. Angela said she made it clear to Zubby that his apology can’t erase the sting of that public embarrassment. She recounted her promise to call him out and drag him through the mud, just as he had done to her.

She further accused Zubby of surreptitiously snatching roles that were intended for her, while simultaneously badmouthing her to their colleagues behind her back.

See the interview below:

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