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Alleged UNIZIK Students Party: SUG, Hotel Manager Deny Involvement

UNIZIK Students Party
UNIZIK Students Party

By Uche Amunike

A video of an alleged Nnamdi Azikiwe University ,UNIZIK students party held in a popular hotel close to the school, Wintess Garden, Hotel and Suites Limited, Awka, Anambra State has gone viral, eliciting controversy on social media.

In the video, people alleged to be students of UNIZIK were seen having sex, while other students watched in full glare, recording them making out as the party progressed.

When the video of the alleged UNIZIK students party was posted on Facebook , a particular Facebook user, Nanya Okoye condemned the fact that the participants in the released video were described as students of the renowned university.

Hear her: ‘With all due respect sir, my beloved students are at home, the last time I checked ASUU is still on strike and so anyone there is on his or her own, no one was compelled to go there’.

‘The fact that it was done at the Ifite students area doesn’t imply that all the students there are from UNIZIK, some may be from other neighbouring schools, so please sir don’t drag Unizik into this mess’.

Another commentator, Mr Felix-Joe Chibunkem, In his response, averred that over 90% of the participants of the UNIZIK Students party were indeed, students of the institution, adding that he personally knew most of them.

In reaction to Nanya Okoye’s post about ASUU being on strike and students being home, Chibunkem retorted: ‘Which students are at home? You don’t know the new normal? Just on Friday night, I went down to the environment and I still saw students bubbling in their usuals. So which of the students are at home?’

‘I would agree with you if you had said that the majority of the students are at home while we have the remainder around. But you even tagging them “beloved” is awry. You have hence, tried to glorify some things which are best known to you’.

‘You want a deeper investigation, you would be informed that it was targeted at the students and the garden has always been a home for the Sodomite. I can promise you that 99% of persons there were students so what are you saying’?

‘Ohhh, I remember and understand now. You are the mummy of the school. I wish not to think otherwise,’ he said.

The University’s Student Union Government, however put up a disclaimer, stating that the students involved in the viral sex romp video were not students of UNIZIK. In a letter jointly signed by the SUG President, Comrade Charles Ijeoma and the Secretary, Comrade J.N. Ogbonnaya, the SUG exonerated UNIZIK students from the act of shame in the viral video, claiming that the school was not in session and students were all at home presently. They condemned the immorality committed at the said hotel, adding that it was not a students programme.

The disclaimer by the SUG reads: ‘This is to inform the public that the students of Nnamdi Azikiwe University and the University have nothing to do with the event that happened on 3rd of September, 2022, at Wintess Garden, and in fact it is not a students program’.

‘The “Night Wear Party” which featured a live porn of people engaging in s*xual acts, is morally wrong and condemned by the Students Union Government Executives, is being organised around students residential are’..

‘In conclusion, “The Night Wear Party” is a personal business of some show promoters in Awka, and has nothing to do with the University or our students. We are known for moral decency, as we all study to be certified ‘in Character and in Learning.’

The management of the Wintess Garden, Hotel and Suites Ltd, Awka has also stated that the alleged UNIZIK students party did not take place in their hotel. Their hotel manager, Obumnene Azoruwa attributed that it was a story concocted by mischief makers to drag their names in the mud.



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