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Alleged Drug Trafficking Saga: David Hundeyin Explains his Reasons for Accusing Tinubu


Tinubu Linked With Criminal Organisations, Street Gangs & Drug Cartels - David Hundeyin | Kanyi Daily NewsBy Uche Amunike

Popular investigative journalist, David Hundeyin admits that his reason for exposing the alleged forfeiture of money and offenses bordering on narcotics and drugs by the presidential flag bearer of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in the forthcoming general election, Bola Tinubu, is that he wants Nigerians to be aware of his background.

Speaking, Tuesday, during an Aries TV interview, David Hundeyin discussed his trending publication titled: ‘Bola Tinubu: From Drug Lord to Presidential Candidate.’

Recall that the United States District Court for the Nothern District of Illinois, last week released new documents showing Tinubu’s encounter with American authorities, over allegations of narcotics trafficking and money laundering.

The records of the US courts revealed that Tinubu had forfeited up to $460,000 to the United States authorities in plea bargaining. This generated mixed reactions recently. However, the 56 page document revealed by the district court did not include crucial new details but was just a part of the issue that had been in the media for over 20 years now.

David Hundeyin raised the issue in an article he wrote in West Africa Weekly on July 13. He explained during the interview that the documents clearly showed where the funds came from and wondered why Tinubu was investing in real estate at a period when the accounts had been frozen by the United States government.

Hear him: ‘It is to speak to the electorates that they should be informed about the character of the person who wants to be president of Nigeria. I would not be doing my job, If I know someone who was in drug related issue that wants to be president and I don’t talk,” Hundeyin said.

“It is difficult to know the amount of damage this would be doing to us. There is a visa ban for Nigerians from UAE now.”

The fiery journalist also called on Nigerians to read the documents and after that, deduce on their own if Bola Tinubu was capable of being Nigeria’s president. He mentioned that he knew that the matter would not be investigated by Nigerian authorities and the judiciary, alleging that from the documents, it was clear to see that funds coming into Tinubu’s accounts at that period was from people with questionable sources of living.

He went on to make it known that he was fully in support of the Presidential candidate of Labour Party for the 2023 general election, Mr Peter Obi and had no apologies for being his ardent supporter.

Shortly after the document was released last week by the US District Court for the Northern District of Illinois, the media gave reports about the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) investigating Tinubu for alleged criminal forfeiture of money on offenses of narcotics and illicit drugs.

Not long after INEC denied the statement that led to the report, two broadcast media outfits were sanctioned by the National Broadcasting Commission (NBC) for airing false reports about the APC presidential candidate.

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