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Akpos Teacher Sleeping


It is a very boring class. Students are taking notes, while a teacher himself falls asleep on his table.

A few minutes later, students laughing and wondering how he could fall asleep during class send Akpos to him to wake him up. Akpos comes up to a teacher and asks:

Teacher, are you actually sleeping in the middle of a class?

No, of course, I am not.

Then how would you explain what you are doing?

I am talking to God!

The next day. The same teacher is tutoring the same class. It is just as dull as on the previous day, so Akpos exhausted and not at all interested falls asleep.

The teacher walks up to him and asks:

Akpos, are you sleeping?

No, teacher, I am not. I am talking to God as well.

Oh, really?! And what is He telling you then?

That He has no record of talking to you yesterday.




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