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Agulu Lake Resort-The Pearl Of Anambra State

 agulu lake resort
Agulu Lake Resort-

After the events of the past holiday season along with the insanity of the continuous decadence in Nigerian social environment, I decided to search for solitude in order to get my bearings for the new year as I geared for my return to the United States.

My search for serenity led me to visit the Agulu lake which is about a twenty minute drive from my native town of Nibo in Awka South Local Government Area of Anambra State.
The ride was definitely with events of scanty road blocks by occupying Police officers asking for handouts in form of bribe by the passing commercial vehicles. My sunglasses provided a barrier for eye contact with the police officers at the checkpoint and they were hesitant to extend  unnecessary pleasantries- this has been my decoy for unsolicited advances from them, which normally ends in cash handouts.
Image result for agulu lake resortThe presence of Protea Hotel has changed the gateway to the embankment of Agulu lake and has indeed turned the Agulu lake into a full fledged holiday resort.  As I proceeded through the Hotel entrance, I had a clearer view of the still revered Agulu lake which sat almost motionless as the waters glittered to the sunlight.
I decided to sit in the hotel lobby for a while to chat with the workers. My questions ranged  from a wide array of subject matters, including their work experience and general business outlook, I also tested their historical knowledge of Agulu lake. From my experience with them, most of them  were not locals and they lacked the historical knowledge of the ground they were standing on.
Image result for agulu lake resortGrowing up as a child in my inative town of Nibo Town in Obizi constituency of Awka South Local Government of Anambra State is Nigeria, Agulu lake was revered based on mythical narratives that we heard as children.
One of the  resounding the stories that I heard is that Agulu lake is indeed a human being that transformed into slow flowing waters when he was allowed to settle in Agulu. Similar stories about Agulu lake holds that he was a man that was driven out from River Niger after rejection by various communities,the Agulu community allowed him to settle there and overnight, he turned into a lake.
As a child, I also heard that the  local stream in my Village called “Omaliyi” was indeed remnants of Agulu lake- when he was chased away by my community.
The presence of crocodiles in Agulu lake and their appetite for devouring humans is probably the biggest deterrent for intending Fishermen.
Image result for agulu lake resortI have also  heard  of incidents where crocodiles occasionally block the freeway leading  to Agulu town and are appeased with a live chicken before they retreat back to the waters.These are the exciting stories that should be documented in our history books.
If those stories and myths are realistic or not, I have not delved  in the investigation of those mysteries, but till date my reverence for Agulu lake remains unchanged, since it has not been challenged by any other school of thought.
I then decided to  step further to the embankment of the lake in effort of getting a clearer view of the lake, while I curiously looked for the presence of crocodiles
From the moment I sat down on the embankment appreciating the natural aura of Agulu lake which flows very slowly and to the time that I decided to leave- was a period of uneasy calm- because I was wary of the possibility of a hungry crocodile devouring me for lunch.
Other than my instinctive apprehension, the ambience and serenity of this natural treasure was serene, hence my conclusion that Agulu lake is the “Pearl of Anambra.”
If we manage our historical sites such  as the  Agulu lake, Ogbunike Cave and other historical sites properly, Anambra State might be on it’s way to becoming a major  tourist attraction in Africa.
Ike Agbatekwe
Editor @Large
Life and Times News
Los Angeles, California


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