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Agitataion For Biafra – Senator Blames Pro-Jonathan Elements


Senator Shehu Sani, representing Kaduna North senatorial zone, Kaduna state, has blamed the renewed agitation for sovereign state of Biafra on pro-Jonathan forces who lost the 2015 general elections.

Sani said the Biafra agitation was an attempt to destroy the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari.

The senator stated this on Sunday, October 1, when he was paid a courtesy visit in his office in Kaduna by a youth group from Southern Kaduna.

Sani described the renewed agitation for Biafra as misguided and ill conceived.

He said: “The Biafra agitation is a new attempt to destroy the Muhammadu Buhari administration and to ignite a national conflict and cause chaos, pandemonium, confusion in the country.

“I see it as a plan B action of the pro-Jonathan forces who lost election in the 2015 national elections. I will also say that the agitation is not reflective of the generality of the interest of the Igbo people of the south-east.”

Sani explained that the future of the Igbos was better guaranteed and sustained within a united Nigeria as they had made a huge progress in business, entrepreneurship, academics, politics and very sphere of life.

Those agitating for the republic of Biafra have vowed not to rest until the republic is realised and there have been renewed interest in the establishment of an independent Biafra state in recent times.

It appears that not all Igbos are in support of Biafra as the Igbo Youth Movement (IYM) said that it will continue to fight for the unity of the country and give all Nigerians a sense of belonging.



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