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“Age is just a number, I want to take you on a date” – Kunle Remi shoots shot at Kate Henshaw; she responds

Kunle Remi
Kunle Remi


Nollywood actor, Kunle Remi, has courageously conveyed his interest in veteran actress, Kate Henshaw, by requesting to take her out on a date.

WITHINNIGERIA earlier reported that Kate clocked the new age of 52 on July 19, 2023, and her birthday photos left many in awe as netizens and Celebrities gushed over her younger appearance.

Kunle Remi reacted to Kate’s birthday post by dedicating another post to her on his official Instagram page.

The 34-year-old actor posted a soothing picture of Kate Henshaw on his page, affirming that age is irrelevant, and he would be more than happy if the actress allowed him the chance to take her on a special dinner date solely to admire her beauty as she enjoys her meal.

In the poem which was filled with rhymes, Kunle Remi asked Kate on a date. He wrote:

52!? Oh well Age is but a number. I love you Kate … is it my fate to to take you on a date… I am at the gate waiting to take you to dinner at your favorite spots just to concentrate on your beauty while you eat food with great taste. Just give me the mandate to celebrate your birthday day with you oh my Kate the great.❤️

Touched by his sweet love note, Kate Henshaw, in response, averred that the actor completely mesmerized her with his affectionate gestures.

She expressed her admiration for him and conveyed her heartfelt gratitude for celebrating her.

Kate Henshaw wrote;

KR!! Half human, half Screen gaaad!!! Fhingzzz like this hailing dey make my head swell &thank you darling. Thank you KR”




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