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After 50 years of searching for greener pastures, 91-year-old man returns home with only walking stick

greener pastures
greener pastures


A 91-year-old Kenyan man left his home in his 40s in quest of greener pastures, and he recently returned with one property.

Samuel Machuka, a senior citizen who went missing 50 years ago with no clue of his location, returned with only a walking stick.

When he unexpectedly returned, it was the Provincial Administration who made it possible for him to be found in Wote, Makueni County.

The Standard reports that Machuka had been working as a casual laborer on a farm.

A 91-year-old man comes home with only his walking stick after 50 years of searching for brighter pastures.

Despite not seeing him since he left home in the 1970s, the elderly man was warmly received by his family in Masabo village, Nyaribari Masaba Kisii, despite the fact that only a handful of his peers recognized him.

Robert Makomba, his nephew, had previously worked with him in Mau Narok in 1995 before they lost contact due to a lack of communication ties.

Makomba thanked the Provincial Administration and stated that as Seventh-day Adventist Christians, they would not perform any rites but would instead warmly welcome Machuka back home.

When asked about his marital status, Machuka stated that he had three informal marriages but had no idea where his wives were.

Some of his older uncles who were still alive were relieved to see him because they had been looking for him in vain. They also expressed their willingness to help him settle down.

Machuka was offered a plot of family land on which to build a house, and his relatives assured him that any lady he had children with on his voyage to an unknown destination would be welcomed back home.

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