Home News After 17 years of disappearance, woman welcomes ‘prodigal’ husband, sends lover away

After 17 years of disappearance, woman welcomes ‘prodigal’ husband, sends lover away

17 years
17 years


17 years after he mysteriously vanished, a Kenyan woman from the town of Lurambi welcomed her husband Boniface Moi Muyeshi back into her life with open arms.

The happy reunion delighted the neighborhood, which has celebrated with singing, dancing, and a customary ritual.

Boniface Moi Muyeshi, now 42 years old, abruptly separated himself from his family in 2006 and moved to Nairobi. His absence throughout the years made Agripina Mulupi think he might be dead.

She finally moved on and fell in love with someone else who took on the responsibility of looking after her and her three children after she struggled to raise their three children alone.

However, fate had other plans in store for the family when Boniface suddenly showed up unannounced in Emukoyani. Locals were ecstatic to see the prodigal son return, and a joyous feeling filled the air as they celebrated his long-awaited return.

The village celebrated with a traditional greeting ceremony that included a ram killing, a prayer session, and a cleansing ceremony.

“He left home for Nairobi back in 2006. He left his family behind never to be seen again,” a resident said.

But fate had other intentions for the family when Boniface appeared unexpectedly in Emukoyani. The community was ecstatic to see the prodigal son return, and a joyful feeling filled the air as they welcomed him home after a protracted absence.

The locals celebrated the event with a customary welcome that included a ram sacrifice, a prayer meeting, and a ritual purification.

“We suspected that he had died during the 2007/2008 post election skirmishes,” his relative Fredrick Witumbele said.

For Agripina Mulupi, raising their three children alone had been an arduous task, leading her to seek companionship and support elsewhere. However, with her husband’s return, she expressed her determination to rekindle their relationship and co-parent their children together.

I settled down with someone else as I was not able to raise these children on my own. I had to send my current lover away as the man of the house had made a return. We will make plans on how to co-parent,” she added.



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