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Reactions as shocking new photos of Actress Regina Daniels weight loss worries fans.

Actress Regina Daniels
Actress Regina Daniels

Most Nollywood’s fans and specifically those who had special preference for Africa magic movies ‘Epic’ would have been very pleased way back to view the beginning of the career of the elegant Actress Regina Daniels . She was indeed a very pretty and talented actress and many wished she could just go on starring in those splendid roles of her childlike innocence.

Over the years she grew matured and the early exposure to the world of entertainment began to set in she got married at a tender age to the disgust of viewers and fans especially due to the nature of the personality she was involved with.

She began to slay and act the part of an adult even on social media platforms and these were greeted with mixed feelings from fans and critics while some encouraged and lauded her others simply felt she was moving too fast for her age.

Just recently Regina Daniels decided to share some pretty photo herself on social media platforms and as customary for fans and followers they set their tongues wagging

A follower of hers quickly exclaimed “Wow I wish you be like this when I become a mother so cute and in perfect shape.”

Recall that Regina has a child and motherhood did not stop up from trying to be in shape as her profession demands. She however looked very slim and her backside had greatly reduced. This prompted majority of her fans to implore her to add a little bit of flesh, complaining bitterly that the weight loss is too much

According to social media outlets, Legit.ng News the Nollywood superstar was seen darning a very gorgeous black outfit as she posed for the camera.

The photos shared by the billionaire’s wife, however, showed that she has lost so much weight. The film star doesn’t seem bothered though as she captioned her post with a statement that shows she doesn’t care what anyone had to say. While thanking fans for their support and well wishes, she noted through her Instagram page that “@refina.daniels that the version of her that a person creates in their mind is not her responsibility.”

As expected, her fans and followers took to her comment section to react to her post. While some complimented her new look, others were concerned and asked if she is okay
Her are dome comments by fans and followers;

-lady_pricsy: “We want the chubby Regina back.”

-nancyofficiall: “Regina dear, there’s money yes! But u are going down day after day, I know you don’t like it, pls allow yourself breathe, if it’s weight loss process, stop already n if it’s another thing stop too…. you are a shadow of yourself pls, this is not how we know you to be, add flesh biko.”

-lisaa_ndukwe: “Slide 5. what is this… stop this Mapia tea now.”



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