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A pleasant experience renewing my passport at the Atlanta Consulate of the Nigerian embassy- by Iheanacho Emeruwa, MD FACP FACOG


I want to share a comment I posted on the Atlanta website for possible publication/dissemination in your media empire. We are always gripping and bitching about how badly the services we receive from our officials.

I thought I should share a positive experience. Other than the cost of tickets, hotel room, rental car and time away from work, ( a little over $1000.00) I would say there nothing to complain about.

Providing regional service such as the LA outreach and Communicating the process for expedited processing and the return of the document through the postal services will be areas that need improvement

“Renewing my passport at the Atlanta Consulate is the most rewarding interaction, I have ever had with Nigerian government officials in my recent memory. The process was orderly and to my pleasant surprise, you do not need to know any official or VIP.

I arrived for my 10 a.m appointment at 9:50 a.m and the guard at the gate checked my documents and courteously searched me. Once he confirmed my documents were complete, he ushered me and others into the facility.

We then proceeded to the first window, where we took numbers and were attended to in an orderly fashion. Our documents were reviewed and we were issued a folder to proceed to our next station.

There we passed our files through a window and were seated according to our numbers. We were called in by our numbers and fingerprinted. We then left our applications, the expired passport, and self-address return envelopes and we were done. I was done with the encounter by 12:00 noon

I want to express my appreciation for the professional work of your staff.

It will be useful to share with us how long it takes to get the passport back and what one needs for expedited processing.I did not know, I needed a copy of the data page of my expiring passport.

For expedited processing, one needs to pay $65 per passport and attach a copy of ones ticket. Your staff provided this information with courtesy and professionalism.

It’s not often that we expect or get such professional services from our Government. Thank you and Happy Holidays”

Iheanacho Emeruwa, MD FACP FACOG
Riverside CA



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