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6 Nollywood Actresses And Their Alleged Destiny Helpers


Recall that #SmallGirlWithaBigGod was a trend triggered by ladies who think they are too small when compared to their possession and the big lifestyle they are living.

When the trends of #SmallGirlWithaBigGod started, a lot of Nollywood actresses were proud to be called a small girl with a big god and they broke the INTERNET for a very long time showing off assets and luxury items.

Thumbs up to those whose ‘big gods’ are from their hard earned money, hardworking actresses making the Nollywood Industry a better Industry. However, some of the actresses who are also talented and hardworking have been rumored to support their luxury lifestyle from Sugar Daddies, Rich politicians, Business mogul, and coded fraudsters who are collectively called ‘Destiny Helpers’.

Nollywood is not new to scandal. With that being said, these are some actresses whose luxury lifestyle have been linked to one or more Destiny Helpers.

1. Tonto Dikeh.

Tonto Dikeh, Daniel Omokachi

The controversial queen of Nollywood, Tonto Dikeh has been a victim of speculations since the drama dramatic split from her ex-husband, Olakunle Churchill. Almost every male friend the actress pose with is tagged to be a romantic relationship.

The talented actress who is not taking roles in movies like before raises eyebrows towards her finances after a frequent show off of luxury lifestyle, expensive cosmetic surgery and expensive trips. And her Fans cannot be convinced that there is no Destiny Helper behind it.

Being a controversial person, Tonto Dikeh has been linked with a lot of Destiny helpers but the most recent is FRESH DOLLAR SIGN.

A man identified as @freshdollasign on instagram is the latest Destiny helper linked with Tonto Dikeh, the duo were also seen vacationing in Dubai recently.

The mother of one was angered when @freshdollasign was called an errand boy of her ex-hubby, Churchill.

Replying the accusations, the actress wrote: “Some blogs are really so stupid ooo!! @freshdollasign if you reply any of this nonsense ehn you go beat me today!! But you can let them know say you fit buy the family and the person wen them say you be em boy (I no say that one don scatter your head). Just let the fools to fool!! Tell ya girl make she ignore this AGBAYAS!!

“Them no get joy, and to my man I am so sorry for this nonsense, it will happen again. Cause bloggers are the most clueless sometimes!!You just need to be strong for us. I love you mr. mine.”

The alleged boyfriend, @freshdollasign, also wrote: “@tontolet My dear how can I be a boy to someone that has never met me in his whole life. I have always been my own boss and people that knows me know that, I pay no mind to such useless news and my girl can’t believe such nonsense, we are stronger than that.”

2. Anita Joseph

Volumptous actress, Anita Joseph has recently been tagged a Small girl with a Big God upon reports of acquiring a massive house in South Africa

The well endowed actress has left gossip on the lips of her followers as a result of her new source of income.

According to online reports,the owner and CEO of All Seasons Hotel Owerri has built a solid love nest for himself and his love interest Anita.

The two have been alleged to be in a romantically linked relationship for the past 6 months despite series of attempts to cover it up from the prying eyes of the public

The Hotelier and the actress have been recently spotted in Johannesburg, South Africa at a wine tasting event and the lover boy with Instagram handle @mykeikoku has been lavishing his money on Anita and their love nest is in a paid for secret location in Johannesburg.

It was gathered that Anita Joseph confided in a close friend that she is enjoying the luxury of the love with Mr Lover boy because of his generosity and kindness and whispered about the house he recently bought her, a penthouse apartment in Sandton ,South Africa .

It is also whispered that the actress receives luxury gift or steady bank alert from the smitten lover boy, every passing week

Anita has been quoted saying ”It is @mykeikoku or no one else,we die there!”

Whilst friends of the lover boy says he cannot live without anita Joseph despite that fact that his status is not free and he is only playing the role of a sugar daddy in her lif


Actress, Ini Edo has moved on and she is not letting her failed marriage stop her from living life to the fullest.

The Akwa Ibom actress who has walked out of her few years old marriage following accusations of domestic abuse and trust, acquires brand new rides often, and she is a serial attendants of expensive vacations.

It is rumored that her expensive lifestyle is sponsored by a sugar daddy that happens to be a popular politician in the country.


Actress Biodun Okeowo has been rumored to have a US based lover who spoils her with gifts and expensive things. She received a delivery of a brand new car on one of her birthdays in December.

She has also been frequenting trips to the US after her marriage failed.

Wale Bouncer

Her sugar daddy is rumored to be US-based Nigerian top show promoter, Wale Bouncer, CEO Fathia Entertainment.



Actress Mercy Aigbe has been rumored to live life larger than her earnings and has been rumored to be doing this because of her sugar daddy.

Mercy recently bought a house worth 200 million Naira and people have been saying she couldn’t have made that money from just acting.

Rumors also have it that she rejected the apologies by her ex-husband because she has been enjoying funds from her Sugar daddy who is rumored to be a top politician who is also an Ijaw man and an oil mogul.

Source: Within Nigeria




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