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5 Powerful Throwback Pictures Of Buhari


President Buhari can be described as a man who has seen it all. From his days in the Nigerian military, to his sojourn in the ministry of petroleum and then as a politician, Buhari can be said to have stood the test of time.

Though, the former Head of State is not known as a social person, Buhari’s past achievements are well documented in the Nigerian media and beyond. His life is one that depicts excellence, achievement and service.

We compiled a pictorial history of the 72-year old Daura-born retired general.

President Elect Buhari (3rd from left) in the United Kingdom on a West African school summer holiday
President Elect Muhammadu Buhari as a Federal commissioner for petroleum
representing Nigeria at an OPEC meeting
President Elect Buhari then as a colonel at the same time d Federal commissioner
4 petroleum Inspecting some oil fields
President Elect Buhari with one of his daughters, Safinatu Lami Buhari

In 1985, Buhari was himself overthrown in a coup led by General Ibrahim Babangida on August 27th, and other members of the ruling Supreme Military Council (SMC) ostensibly, because he insisted on investigating allegations of fraudulent award of contracts in the Ministry of Defence.

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