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Download the new and improved version of the Esdiac app today!

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Mr. Peter Wingsoe, Head of Strategy and Corporate Communications, ESDIAC

ESDIAC has been operating for over 6 years as an innovative leader in the telecom industry providing a wide range of services to end-users and corporate bodies. When Esdiac was first introduced to the community in 2015 nobody could imagine that the app will still be here because of the glitches pointed out by customers during that roll out. Because of this the company went back to the drawing board to totally reengineer the app to make it more user friendly and also introduced a pricing plan that is lower than all other competitors.

The company recently went through a total upgrade of its International Calling App (now available on both the iPhone App store as well as the Google Play Store) with state-of-the-art features to make the user experience on the ESDIAC app second to none.

The company has also introduced a reseller program targeted at entrepreneurs who want to market the Esdiac calling app and other features for a steady income stream.

Esdiac will also be shortly rolling out its video calling, conference calling and mass texting features all aimed at business customers who want to benefit from the Esdiac robust platform.


In this interview with the Head of Strategy and Corporate Communications of ESDIAC — Mr. Peter Wingsoe, he talks about what users can expect in this new ESDIAC roll out, amongst other innovations that the company has bundled for the satisfaction and enjoyment of the users.

What should users expect from the new ESDIAC app?

When I joined the Company about 3+ years ago, we took a serious look at the existing APP and how people were using it; at the time we decided to go a step further and truly dive into the user experience, not only to understand how and what features people were using, but also the features users were looking for. And thats exactly what we recently launched! Today, the ESDIAC app is a complete transformation from its original version. We are more dedicated than ever to providing the most reliable International pre-paid telecommunication solutions for consumers and businesses. We offer hasslefree calling to anyone, anywhere! No need to ask the person you are calling to install the app or to be online; you are free to call any phone, anywhere in the world. Plus, friends and family will feel secure knowing who is calling them as your own number is always displayed when calling. Weve also added the ability to reload online and via the app directly using your credit card, Paystack, Paypal, Flutterwave, etc. Plus, weve made it easy to share your balance with friends and family back home. And of course, we continue to offer the lowest rates to more than 700 cities around the world with no hidden charges.

Users complained about some glitches during the last ESDIAC APP rollout in 2019. What are the improvements that users should look out for in this improved app over the old app?

After launching our beta app in 2019, we got over 100,000 downloads in a matter of just 2 weeks which simply overloaded the system and took us by surprise. We once again looked at the app, but this time more from the backend and realized that in order for us to truly scale this, we needed to gain complete control of the backend as well as the telecom connections in order to truly provide the best service and the lowest rates. We spent most of 2020 during the pandemic lockdown rebuilding the system from the ground up on our own proprietary backend as well as negotiating direct contracts with the largest telecoms in order to become a Tier 2 telecom provider. This was a big win for us as it essentially eliminated the middle man and more importantly, drove down costs and fees, once again ensuring our customers always enjoy the lowest rates available.

Our motto was and remains; “We believe in innovation, but more importantly in honest marketing and advertisement of our products and at the same time providing the end-user with the best possible experience.

What are the business opportunities available at ESDIAC for resellers who want to partner with you?

We are always looking to work with resellers to both promote and sell our calling cards and top ups. We recently brought on a gentleman, Emilio Dejesus, who handles all our reseller programs out of our Atlanta office.

We do understand that ESDIAC has now gone from being a third-tier company to a second-tier telecommunications provider with your own in-house servers, engineers, etc. We also understand that ESDIAC’s services now run on the American telecoms backbone. Please tell us a little bit about this and how this will improve the user experience?

Yes, as mentioned, we recently became a Tier 2 telecom provider! We literally decided to make this huge investment into our backend which ultimately helped us compete with the best of the best in the industry, and eventually become a leader in the communications space particularly in Africa.     

Moving to a Tier 2 platform has huge implications to both the backend and more importantly, the user. On the backend it meant we needed to have our complete own system, which as you may know is very rare in this industry, because of the cost associated with this.  Most pre-paid apps and telecom companies run using another providers backend & network. We agreed that in order to truly become a firstclass international calling provider, we needed to have our own system similar to some of the largest and most wellknown names in the industry like Verizon and AT&T to name a few. This gives us more control, but more importantly to us, and what makes this more exciting, is the fact that we complete eliminated the middle man and the costs and fees charged, ultimately allowing us to pass these savings onto our customers.

Must a user have the ESDIAC app to use ESDIAC’s services?

Well, Yes and No. The person initiating the call needs to have our app installed in order to take advantage of our low-cost rates, HOWEVER, the person being called does NOT need the app. As mentioned before, we truly offer hasslefree calling to anyone, anywhere! There is absolutely NO need to ask the person you are calling to install the app or to be online. You can call any phone, anywhere in the world.


We do also have our Traditional Calling Card services, and if you opt to use this service, there is no need to have our app, though in todays day and age, more than 95% of our subscribers use our app. Im not sure if your subscribers know, but our app is available on both in the APPLE App Store as well as the Android GOOGLE Play Store. 

Tell us more about the ESDIAC Telephone and Video Conferencing feature?

Hmmmm, Im not sure you are supposed to know about this service yet, lol. Its still TOP SECRET and in final testing. Should we talk about this today? I guess I can share a little bit. We are about to launch an online (web) version of our app and this will take the app one step further and allow not only Telephone and Video Calling, but also Telephone and Video Conferencing. We are super excited about this new addition and will share more with you in the near future.

What other offerings do you have in the ESDIAC portal?

HAHAHA, you are good. You are really trying to get me in trouble with the big boss. I think we should leave this for our next interview, but Im super excited about this product and this will truly differentiate ourselves from the many other calling services out there. But lets discuss this next time

 What are the new rates for services?

By moving to the new platform, we have developed a proprietary system that allows us to charge customers based on live and actual costs, rather than up-charging averages, ensuring that our customers always get the lowest rates available in real time.

How easy is it to pay for services on the ESDIAC platform?

 Super easy as you can now both reload your balance in your wallet either via our online web portal or directly from within the app. It literally takes less than 15 seconds! We accept standard all Credit Cards, but also added Paypal, Paystack and Flutterwave to our offerings, making it easier for anyone to load. Furthermore, we have an Auto-reload feature, that automatically reloads your wallet with credits each time your balance falls below your preset threshold! Plus, you can store your CC info on our secure encrypted server, meaning there is no need to type in your credit card or address info again! Also, a feature that our customers use a lot is Share Credits which allows you to share your credits with anyone, anywhere! I dont think it gets much easier than that! Don’t you agree? 

What should users expect from ESDIAC in the future?


We continue to innovate and strive to be the best we can be. We have gotten a lot of interest lately from Investors in Silicon Valley and we are always exploring our options. I think you will see a lot more from and about us in the near future.  

 What is your message to the African Diaspora community embracing ESDIAC not just because it is developed by us but because of the high quality of the products offered?

 Ultimately, at ESDIAC, we believe in innovation, in honest marketing and advertisement of our products, by providing you with the best possible experience. We aim to provide our customers with the most competitive pricing and friendly customer service. We want everyone to feel secure knowing the we always offer the lowest rates and the highest quality calling.